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Those are not anti-aircrafts in al-Sheyrat airbase

  Friday 07th April 2017

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  • 04-07

Pro-Assad regime news pages and personal accounts on social media published video claimed it is anti-aircrafts in al-Sheyrat airbase shooting at US Tomahawk missiles.

Verify-Sy reminding followers this video is an experimental audition of US anti-missiles system for warships weapon “Phalancx CIWS” and the attached video is the original on YouTube since 2014.

Worth to mention US army conducted this morning bombardment with cruise missiles targeted al-Sheyrat airbase in Homs responding to the chemical attack launched by regime in Khan Shaykhon which killed and injured hundreds of civilians.

According to Pentagon statement the strike was successfully conducted using Tomahawk missiles launched from US navy warships in east Mediterranean, used 59 missiles and targeted aircrafts hangars, fuel depots, logistic supplies, aerospace defense system and radars.