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Regime army didn’t met the Iraqi PMU

  Friday 09th June 2017

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  • 06-09

Pro-regime websites and social media news pages said regime forces backed by foreign militias met the Iraq PMU after regime forces advanced in Palmyra desert to the Iraqi borders.

Same websites published video showing fighters walking in the desert and shared it under the title “Syrian regime and allies met the Iraqi Hashes”

Verify-Sy would like to remind audience that regime forces reached the Iraqi borders on 9th June but didn’t met Iraqi PMU, regime forces advanced in Syrian Desert(Badyiah)from south east Palmyra city to the Iraqi borders 50km north east al-Tanef border where USA set a base near it.

On the Iraqi side of the borders ISIS-held areas according to the map below which means there is no territory-connected meeting between Syrian regime forces and Iraqi PMU (Hashed).