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Turkish forces didn’t head to Qatar yet

  Saturday 10th June 2017

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  • 06-10

Social media pages shared yesterday video showing several Turkish naval ships in the sea and was claimed to be Turkish naval and aerial support arrived at Qatar with 15K soldiers.

Verify-Sy searched for the video and turns out it is an old clips from Turkish Naval ships parade and other Turkish forces parade too.

About the news itself, Verify checked news about it in many Turkish official and unofficial news agency which all agreed that the forces didn’t move to Qatar yet, while many Turkish news websites said the forces will be sent to Qatar will be 5000 soldiers.

According to Turkish newspaper “Huryiet” naval ships and warplanes will be sent to Qatar after the first dispatching of Turkish forces to a base in al-Doha.

The newspaper continued: the number of the naval ships and warplanes will go to Qatar will be known after finishing a primary report estimating the base capacity which will be estimated by a Turkish delegation which will go to Qatar in few days.