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Bab al-Salame border crossing manager deny any death while Syrian enter from Turkey

  Wednesday 14th June 2017

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  • 06-14

Syrian news website published on Wednesday a new saying “casualties and injuries in stumble at Bab al-Salame border crossing where 3000 crossing borders” report claimed at least 6 civilians died and 18 injured due to crowding and stumbling while crossing the borders and all injuries transferred to Kilis hospital near the border crossing, quoting this information from Syrian side of the border crossing.

Report also claimed that Free Police in Bab al-Salame received more than 600 theft accusation while people were crossing from Turkey to Syrian side.

Verify-Sy contacted the manager of Bab al-Salame border crossing Colonel Qasem Qasem to verify the claims but he denied completely any claim of death of suffocations or Free Police receiving cases of theft due to the crowding in the border crossing in the past two days.

Qasem pointed out that the crossing from Turkey to Syria through Bab al-Salame is organized and smooth after the problems in the first day in the Turkish side.

The Manager said Syrian who entered Syria from Turkey to spend al-Fiter vacation in the past two days are 5330 person, saying the border crossing will still be open to go to Syria until 23/6/2017 while the crossing back will start from 28/6/2017 until 14/7/2017