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Those footage is acting not real

  Friday 16th June 2017

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  • 06-16

Syrian and Iraqi pages on social media shared photo of a woman wearing white clothes before masked men put her in a cage and burned her.

Pages commented on those pictures by “ISIS burn a woman from Mosul” and another one said “ISIS burn a woman for giving coordinations to the army”

Verify-Sy searched for the source of those photos and turns out it is a scene from memorial for 19 Ezidi girls were burned by ISIS in June 2016 in Ezidi-majority Khanek west Duhok province in Iraq, the acting was performed by an Ezidi girl called Nadya Bashar according to Iraqi TV channel “al-Sumaryie”

Nadya told a’-Sumaryie TV “the purpose of this scene is to send the Ezidi women cry to the world, though the difficulty to tell the real story of horrible crimes committed against Ezidis women by acting”