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This airport is located in Saudi Arabia, not in Dubai nor Palestine

  • 9620
  • 05-02

This photo has recently circulated social media; it shows the cockpit of an airplane in ** Dubai, while several men were ga...

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Did Saudis attack Palestinians in Response to Insulting Pro-“Israel” Saudi Blogger in Jerusalem?

  • 4966
  • 07-28

Social media users and pages has circulated a video, claiming that it shows Palestinian refugees battering Saudi youths in re...

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This Child Was Injured By Assad Bombing on Aleppo, Not By Israeli Bombing on Gaza

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  • 11-16

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of an injured child with a paramedic, claiming that the child was recently inju...

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Child in This Video Says Goodbye to His Late Brother in Syria’s Darayya, Not in Palestine

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  • 11-17

Coinciding with the Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Facebook pages have circulated a photo of a...

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This Photo Was Taken in the Netherlands, It Isn’t of Eagle Catching Drone Over Gaza

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  • 11-26

A photo showing a bird of prey wrapping a drone with its talons has circulated on social media. It has been claimed that it i...

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