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Children who are torturing the dog in a video are not Syrians

Ahmad Primo   Sunday 17th June 2018

Ahmad Primo   Sunday 17th June 2018

Lately, a video has been circulating social media showing children torturing a dog with a sharp object, pages and accounts who shared the video claim the children are Syrians.

In the video three children appear, one was torturing the kid with what appears to be a scythe while the other is holding the dog and another child watching.

The pages and accounts said this video was taken in Sakarya province in Turkey and connected it to a crime happened 4 days ago in the city, adding that there are speculations that who tortured and killed the dog were Syrian kids despite that the shared video is muted. Sakarya Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu tweeted that this video is old and was posted by an account in Jordan and denied it is from Turkey adding that the suspect of this crime was arrested.

Following a reverse-search conducted by Verify-Sy, it turns out that this video was posted unmuted on Facebook two years ago, the children were talking in Egyptian accent but we couldn’t determinate the exact date and place of the video.


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