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WHO didn’t describe singles as “disabled”

Ahmad Primo   Thursday 03rd August 2017

Ahmad Primo   Thursday 03rd August 2017

Arabic and Syrian social media pages shared reports saying World Health Organization changed the definition of sterility to contain single men and woman who are now describes as “disabled people”.

According to those pages the single men and women should benefit from the countries-members of WHO-of artificial pregnancy so they could have children without the need for a partner or husband.

Many Arab tv channels shared the news and many social media activists shared is as sarcastic news.

Verify-Sy searched for the source of the claim and turns out it was shared about a year ago in an article on Tele/graph website on 20/10/2016 under the title “Single men will get the right to start a family under new definition of infertility”

Telegarph said WHO trying to change the definition of infertility so single men and women without diseases and have no children but want to have children under “infertility” definition which will give them the right of having children according to what the new definition authors think.

But one day after the article was published, WHO published statement affirming that “its definition of infertility still as it and not changed, saying it is a disease affect the reproductive system defined by not being able to produce pregnancy after 12 months or more of systematic unprotected sex”