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Iraqi Ministry of Interior denies claims that an Iraqi guy killed 18 people in Baghdad

  • 11598
  • 04-13

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared today news saying an Iraqi guy killed 18 people to defend his beloved gi...

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These oil tanks don’t transfer petrol to Syria

  • 10088
  • 04-15

News websites and social media news pages shared a video showing dozens of oil tanks on a highway.The websites trending the f...

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This Child Originated in Sinjar in Idlib, He Was Not a Yazidi From Iraq

  • 10072
  • 06-13

Social media accounts circulated a photo of a child wearing a military uniform and holding a machine gun, claiming that he wa...

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This photo was taken in Kirkuk in Iraq, not in Syria

  • 10660
  • 06-20

Social media pages and personal accounts posted a photo of sheep that died of poisoning and were surrounded by several people...

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Did Popular Mobilization Forces Shot Down US Drone in Iraq?

  • 6206
  • 08-25

Pro-Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces pages and social media accounts have circulated a photo of an aircraft burning in the s...

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To Condemn Turkey.. Al-Arabiya Falsely Claims Footage from Iraq Was Taken in Syria

  • 14527
  • 05-29

Saudi news channel Al-Arabiya has posted a news report, “Phosphorus Child.. Suffering Continues,” which narrates...

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