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This airport is located in Saudi Arabia, not in Dubai nor Palestine

  • 9701
  • 05-02

This photo has recently circulated social media; it shows the cockpit of an airplane in ** Dubai, while several men were ga...

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This photo was not taken in an Arab state; it was taken in the US

  • 12301
  • 06-16

Social media users circulated this photo claiming that it shows cars melting due to a heat wave in the Arabian gulf. Some...

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Did the ‘halal’ nightclub in KSA explode?

  • 45783
  • 06-27

Social media accounts circulated a video claiming that it is of a blast hitting the halal nightclub that has been recently op...

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This traffic collision did not occur in Lebanon, and the victim was not Syrian

  • 6074
  • 07-05

Social media accounts has been circulating a video of a car hitting a man on a road, claiming that the victim was a Syrian yo...

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Did Saudis attack Palestinians in Response to Insulting Pro-“Israel” Saudi Blogger in Jerusalem?

  • 5009
  • 07-28

Social media users and pages has circulated a video, claiming that it shows Palestinian refugees battering Saudi youths in re...

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What’s the truth behind opening a Saudi-Israeli friendship association in Riyadh

  • 9996
  • 10-02

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video showing men dancing inside a room and claimed this video was tak...

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