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Download Verify's Book for Verification Methods and Countering Disinformation in Clash Zones

  • 26616
  • 03-24

Verify-Sy platform is pleased to place in your hands the e-version of its first book, "V...

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Verify-Sy platform participates in the activities of the Arab Forum for Media and Scientific Communication

  • 17363
  • 03-01

Verify Media Platform has participated in the "Arab Forum for Media and Scientific Commu...

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Did the "Interim government" support the decision to isolate "Abu Amsha" and asked his faction to comply?

  • 6758
  • 02-18

claim Local news websites and social media users have recently published news about the...

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Verify-Sy becomes IFCN certified signatory

  • 15622
  • 02-03

Verify-Sy becomes an accredited signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network (IF...

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An investigation reveals the involvement of (Cham Wings) in the migrant crisis from Damascus to Belarus.

  • 15558
  • 11-13

“No water, no food, no sleep, no way to escape.” Thousands of migrants, incl...

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What is the truth behind the claim that the moon will appear green because of an astronomical phenomenon?

  • 13734
  • 10-29

Local accounts and pages on social media circulated a claim they attributed to the Syria...

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Does this photo show the M4 highway connecting Aleppo to Latakia?

  • 10518
  • 10-10

An picture spreads on news sites and on social media showing a long bridge running betwe...

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Did the US army evacuate three military bases in Syria?

  • 5420
  • 09-03

claim Iranian Al-Alam channel claimed that "a well-informed military source in Syria -...

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What is the truth about the manufacture of a naval vessel in the Syrian city of Baniyas?

  • 14415
  • 06-13

The claim  The Syrian regime, through its official and affiliated media, announced...

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