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What is the truth about the manufacture of a naval vessel in the Syrian city of Baniyas?

  • 6708
  • 06-13

The claim  The Syrian regime, through its official and affiliated media, announced...

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Has the Syrian armed opposition turned the Armenian Church in Ras al-Ain into an animal barn?

  • 38429
  • 06-11

The claimLocal media and social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, claimed that the T...

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What is the truth behind the claim that Turkey created a "Civil Registry" in Idlib?

  • 8263
  • 06-11

The claimThe Syrian regime claimed that Turkey created a General Civil Registry in Idlib...

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Verify-Sy investigation reveals some of the misinformation and fraud in the "Syrian presidential elections"

  • 7829
  • 05-29

The head of the "People's Assembly" in Syria, Hamouda Sabbagh, announced the victory of...

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From the west of the Euphrates to the east: Verify-Sy organized training workshops in fact-checking

  • 3498
  • 02-02

Last Saturday, Verify-Sy platform completed two training workshops under the title "Risk...

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Verify-Sy: a Renewed Birth

  • 4905
  • 02-01

Verify-Sy platform was never an abstract journalistic project. Rather, it was and still...

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Verify-Sy fact-check the "piling up of bodies" video and the allegations of "Hamish Military Hospital"

  • 27462
  • 12-06

Warning: The links included in the investigation contain scenes that may be gruesome and...

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This photo is not of a Russian officer killed in Syria

  • 4677
  • 08-13

 If your time is short  Social media news pages and personal accounts posted...

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Does this video prove “Turkey is looting antiquities of Efrin?”

  • 5105
  • 08-04

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT  Social media accounts recently shared a video recording sho...

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