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Assad Didn’t Buy David Hockney’s “The Splash”

  • 18304
  • 05-11

In mid-April, claims spread that Bashar al-Assad, head of the Assad regime, bought David...

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No Fires in or Attacks on Assad’s State Security Branch in Latakia Recently

  • 8574
  • 05-06

Social media pages and users have circulated news that fires broke out Wednesday, May 6,...

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“Russia Is to Oust Assad”: Fake News Attributed to RT

  • 15718
  • 05-02

Claims that Russia will oust the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, has gone vi...

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TV Series Spreads False Narrative about Syrian Detainee Murdered by Assad’s Mukhabarat

  • 10887
  • 04-28

A Syrian TV series airing on Syrian and Arabic TV channels showed a picture of a decease...

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Assad's SANA Fabricates News that Two U.S. Soldiers Disappeared in Syria

  • 7547
  • 04-28

The Assad regime’s official news agency SANA reported Monday, citing “local...

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These Dead Men were Militiamen of Pro-Assad “National Defense”

  • 8339
  • 04-22

Syrian news websites and social media pages reported Monday, April 20, that five men fro...

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Was Shiite Banner “O what remains [lawful] from Allah” Raised in Damascus?

  • 15428
  • 04-10

News channels, social media news pages and users have posted Friday April 10 footage of...

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This Photo Isn’t of Family Evicted from its Home in Damascus

  • 9407
  • 04-10

News pages and profiles on social media have recently circulated a photo of six people,...

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Fake FB Page behind Death Rumour of Former Member of Assad’s “Parliament”

  • 17148
  • 04-09

Social media news pages and users have circulated claims that Sharief Shehadeh, Syrian j...

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