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Assad forces did not capture a leader from Operation "Olive Branch" in Afrin

  Thursday 22nd February 2018

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  • 02-22

Pro-Assad social media news pages and websites shared an image of four men in uniform, including a man who appeared to be wounded in the face.

The image publishers said that the wounded man shown in the image is "the commander of the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad battalion" and that he was "taken captive by the Popular Forces" of the Assad regime in Afrin enclave ​​north Aleppo.

Verify-Sy platform contacted with sources from the forces involved in Operation "Olive Branch" to verify the news, which they denied, in turn, that one of its leaders was captured.

The sources pointed out that the person who appears in the image is not a leader in the "Sultan Murad", and wasn't captured, but was wounded during the fighting in Afrin enclave and transferred to Turkey for treatment.

Verify-Sy platform attaches a photo of the wounded fighter named Abu Jamil during his treatment at a Turkish hospital.