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  Thursday 05th May 2016

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The Russian RT news website has reported that the Russian Ministry of Defence has denied the allegations about targeting Al-Quds Hospital in Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo city.

The ministry, which said that the news was fabricated, depended on a satellite photo/graph taken in October 15, 2015 and another one taken in April 29, 2016. The ministry said that those two photo/graphs clearly showed that the hospital had been destroyed prior to October 2015 without mentioning who is responsible for this assault. The ministry said that destruction range of the hospital had not been changed between the two dates.

The photo/graphs released by the Russian confirm the attack

Verify-sy team reviewed the two photo/graphs with the staff of the demolished hospital. Director of the Hospital, Dr. Hamza al-Khatib, confirmed that one of the photos had been taken before the assault and the other after. He mentioned that rubble resulted from targeting the emergency ward was very clear and the destruction that was caused by dropping off a barrel bomb was recognized in the right upper corner of the building which the first photo/graph did not show.

the building which the first photo/graph did not show.

Photos taken this morning

Not blaming the responsible on some other party is another evidence-

Al-Khatib considered that failing to blame the responsibility - for the alleged attack before April 29 - on a third party proofs that the responsibility falls in its ally Assad regime, and that they had no deterrent not to target the hospital again as in the last attack. Al-Khatib highlighted that the hospital had been targeted several times before the last assault which killed at least 50 people.

The hospital was targeted directly in August 2014 and was targeted again when a barrel bomb was dropped close to it in July 2015