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Kinda Alloush deny being arrested with her husband

  Saturday 19th August 2017

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Arabic and Egyptian news websites shared today news saying Egyptian police arrested Syrian actress Kinda Alloush and her Egyptian husband Amro Youssef for drug possession.

Websites which shared the news said al-Jiza police arrested the couple when they were in front of a restaurant in al-Ajouza area after searching their car and discover cocaine and drug pills.

But Syrian actress Kinda Alloush denied these claims completely and said she is at her house in al-Jouna tourist compound in al-Gharda’a city on the Red Sea and her Egyptian husband Amro Youssef is in Cairo in a tweet on her personal Twitter account.

Amro Youssef appeared in a video in his Facebook page verifying what his wife said and threatens newspapers and journalists who shared fake news of law.

In the same context Egyptian website “al-Masrawi” shared a statement today by a source in al-Jiza police department denying the news about arresting Kinda Alloush and her husband Amro Youssef for drug possession.