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Evidences Debunked Russian Allegations About Chemical Weapons Massacre in Khan Shaykhoun

Evidences Debunked Russian Allegations About Chemical Weapons Massacre in Khan Shaykhoun

Ahmad Primo Ahmad Primo   Wednesday 05th April 2017

Ahmad Primo Ahmad Primo   Wednesday 05th April 2017

Primary report by “Conflict Intelligence Team” a non-governmental NGO focusing on Russia debunking Russian Defense ministry statement which was issued today on chemical weapons attack on Khan Shaykhon south Idlib with nerve gas.

 The organization’s report refuted Russian defense ministry statement about casualties among civilian was caused by deadly gas leak from opposition chemical weapons depot after it was targeted by regime airstrikes between 11:30 and 12:30 on Tuesday according to the statement.

The organization also pointed out in its report which was translated by Tahrir Souri group from Russian to Arabic and proved by Verify-Sy platform, saying the chemical attack started on Tuesday at 6:30AM and the flow of videos and pictures to media outlets via social media around 9AM same morning, which is more than 3 hours before the attack Russian defense ministry said Assad warjets launched.

*Video published by Idlib Media Center at 9:22 yesterday morning, which is about 3 hours before the attack by regime warjets as Russian Defense ministry claim*

 *Pictures published also by Idlib Media Center at 10:19 yesterday morning which is 2 hours before the alleged airstrike*

The organization also relied on another evidence, Russian Defense ministry usually publish photos of its attacks on warehouses or gunmen gatherings in Syria in its daily report, but in yesterday attack defense ministry didn’t publish yet any aerial footage of the airstrike on that warehouse.

Footage posted by activists from the area showing fragments of a bombshell in an open area not inside a warehouse or closed place.

*video by reporter Hadi Abdallah from targeted area showing bombshell which contained nerve gas and it shows an open place not inside a warehouse or closed building*

Russian defense ministry statement accused Syrian opposition of having amounts of chemical weapons from ISIS in Iraq, a claim which the organization considered as illogically because opposition groups in that area are fighting ISIS and there is no connection or a route between its held areas and ISIS areas in Iraq.

*map by Liveuamap showing no route between opposition-held areas in Khan Shaykhoun in Idlib countryside and ISIS-held areas in Iraq or even in Syria*

Russian defense ministry also mentioned in its report that according to footage of victims shared on social media, symptoms victims suffered from similar to victims from other attacks on Aleppo western neighborhoods ”which were regime-held areas” but according to the organization this is actually false, because according to Russian claims, chlorine gas was used in those attacks on Aleppo which its symptoms are different from symptoms victims in Khan Shaykoun suffered from which was nerve gas where victims suffered from evasive seizures and dilated pupils opposite of chlorine.

*symptoms on one of the children infected by nerve gas in khan shaykoun*

*symptoms on one of suffocating victims after inhaling toxic gas the regime claimed opposition used it against its forces in Aleppo on 30 October 2016*

Toxic gas airstrikes launched by Assad regime yesterday caused more than 50 civilians casualties and more than 300 injured in Khan Shaykhon in Idlib countryside yesterday according to Syrian Civil Defense “white Helmets”.

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