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Clarification about Erdogan’s comments on Russia participating in Idlib operation

  Saturday 07th October 2017

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  • 10-07

Pro-opposition Syrian activists deny quotes from Turkish president Erdogan saying Russian warplanes will support FSA in Idlib operation.

The activists said Turkish media denied claims that this was included in Erdogan’s statement.

Verify-Sy searched for the original statement by Turkish president and it is true what he said about Russian warplanes giving air cover to the operation of Idlib but he didn’t said that during the speech in AKP conference in Afion province but when he answered reporters’ questions.

Turkish official state TV TRT shared Erdogan’s comment on its official account on Twitter which said: President’ Erdogan: Russia will participate in Idlib operation with air cover and Turkish soldiers from inside Turkish territories.

While Turkish channel NTV who covered Erdogan’s speech said he answered reporter’s questions after he left the conference and replied to a question saying: Russia will provide air support to the operation while Turkish soldiers provide support from inside Turkey.