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This kid is not a victim of chemical weapons attack in Idlib

This kid is not a victim of chemical weapons attack in Idlib

Ahmad Primo Ahmad Primo   Tuesday 31st October 2017

Ahmad Primo Ahmad Primo   Tuesday 31st October 2017

Turkish news agency shared yesterday a photo album of a kid under the title “Assad chemical weapons separate between a father and his son and Turkish Red Crescent reunite them”.

The agency said in the description of the album which was widely shared that Turkish Red Crescent was able to find the family of 2.5 years old Syrian kid “Reda Mohamad Ali” saying the kid was brought to Turkey alone to receive treatment after chemical weapons attack targeted Idlib.

The agency added that after 6 months of search for the family the Turkish Red Crescent found the family who live in Idlib and gave them the child.

Agency said its team accompanied the kid from Gaziantep city to the Syria border in Hatay province where the meeting took place between Rida and his father Ali Mohamad.

After a search conducted by Verify-Sy it turns out Rida Mohamad Ali wasn’t injured un chemical weapons attack which targeted Idlib province but injured in the explosion near al-Rashideen neighborhood in west Aleppo in mid-April 2017.

Verify-Sy contacted the young man called Mostafa Na’asan “Abu Adaam” who found the kid in “Sehit Kamel hospital” in Gaziantep city when he was alone at the hospital and said he published his photo and info on social media which is how the family recognized him.

Abu Adaam said the kid was in the intense care at the hospital due to a shrapnel at his chest saying the kid’s family contacted him and sent him an authorization with 3 languages to take the kid.

According to the authorization which Verify-Sy has a copy the kid is from Kafraya town and his father called Ali Mohamad Hamze.

Abu Adaam said the family of the kid took him on Monday from Kasab border crossing between Turkey and Syria under regime control after they came from Damascus where they are living after they left Kefraya town in Idlib countryside following 4 Cities agreement when the convoy was hit with car bomb which killed and injured dozens including the mother and sisters of Rida in mid-April.

Worth to mention the kid Rida and large number of injuries who were injured in the bombing were transferred to Turkey by armed opposition to receive treatment.

Verify-Sy attach photos and documents show the kids from Kafraya town born on 20/2/2015 and a photocopy of the authorization the family sent to Abu Adaam.

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