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Did Iranian protestors raise Saddam Hussain photo?

  Friday 05th January 2018

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Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video titled “Iranian protesters raised Saddam Hussain’s photo during their protests”.

The video published on YouTube on 2/1/2018 showing people celebrating and someone raised a shirt with the photo of late Iraqi president Saddam Hussain on it while others chanted in Arabic “with blood we defend Saddam”.

Following a reverse search conducted by Verify-Sy for this video, another video taken from another angle of the same celebration was posted on YouTube on 1/1/2018 under the title “Saddam Hussain’s photo raised in Baghdad during New Year’s Eve celebration”.

Worth to mention that Iran is witnessing protests against the ruling regime in many cities for more than 10 days while other cities witnessed pro-regime rallies against the opponents