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Were weapons distributed to the Ukrainians for free to counter the Russian invasion?

  • 4929
  • 02-15

Claim Arab news websites and social media pages claimed that “weapons have become free in Ukraine and are being distributed to the entire population to confront the Russian invasion...

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  • 4983
  • 05-05

The Russian RT news website has reported that the Russian Ministry of Defence has denied the allegations about targeting Al-Quds Hospital in Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo city. The minis...

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Footage Isn’t of “Russian Officer Who Killed Himself After Getting Infected with Coronavirus”

  • 11459
  • 04-11

A number of social media pages and profiles have circulated footage of a man carrying a knife on the street while two men dressed in police uniform were trying to calm him down. The man th...

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These Russian Soldiers Weren’t Recently Killed in Idlib

  • 13499
  • 02-29

An image which contains 17 portraits of Russian soldiers has gone viral on social media. It has been claimed that they were killed in recent battles in Idlib between the Russian-backed Ass...

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Russian Phrase “Aleppo Is Ours” Was Written Over 3 Years Ago

  • 12329
  • 02-18

Since yesterday, Feb. 17, 2020, a photo of a Russian soldier who appears holding a spray bottle and facing a wall on which a Russian phrase, “Алеппо наш,” was witten, which mea...

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Russia’s Embassy in Syria Fabricates Photo to Propagandize “Safe Corridors”

  • 13306
  • 01-13

The Russian embassy in Syria has tweeted Sunday a report that includes a brief from “the Russian Reconciliation Center” in Syria. The tweet has included a photo in which dozens...

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Raqqa: Assad forces has not advanced, nor clashed with SDF

  • 16748
  • 04-28

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” reported, “The Syrian army managed to advance 3 kilometers on Friday in the southwest frontline of Raqqa, supported by the Russian and...

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Did Russia leaked an insulting photo of Bashar al-Assad?

  • 18014
  • 03-09

News websites and social media pages shared a photo of Bashar al-Assad waiting for the Russian president Putin while he was speaking with someone else. Websites and pages said that the Ru...

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