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Did the mayor of Turkish city Bolu cut the UN aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey?

  • 13765
  • 04-09

Social media new pages and personal accounts shared news saying the new mayor of Turkish city of Bolu Tanco Ozcan ordered the...

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What is the reality behind "targeting a military vehicle in Marea"?

  • 4808
  • 04-26

Social media pages and accounts reported that members of Assad forces targeted an Euphrates Shield military vehicle on Wedn...

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Do US troops hold civilians at Rukban camp?

  • 4847
  • 05-03

On 30 April, pro-Assad Al-Thawra newspaper published a report entitled “Washington aims to keep holding Rukban displa...

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Misleading photos and videos of "sabotaging ships off UAE coast"

  • 5372
  • 05-15

Photos and videos, which were claimed to be of 7 oil tankers burning near Fujairah port, were circulated on social media....

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This is not Turkish bombing of Assad forces in Hama’s countryside

  • 4563
  • 06-28

Social media accounts circulated a photo claiming that it is of Turkish bombing of Assad forces recently. They said that the...

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Bald men will not be able to turn the sun into energy

  • 4947
  • 07-11

Arabic news outlets and social media pages reported that bald men will be able to turn the sun into energy, citing a start up...

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Was Kurdish Man Recently Murdered in Turkey Because He Raised Kurdistan Flag?

  • 4438
  • 07-21

News of murdering a Kurdish tourist from Iraqi Kurdistan circulated on Facebook. It has been claimed that Turkish nationals m...

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Did Trump make Mockery of Pleas of US Activist in Syria?

  • 8602
  • 07-26

A video that shows Rania Kisar, a US activist, and US President Donald Trump has circulated on social media. Kisar is an anti...

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Fabricated Quotes about Islamists Attributed to Syrian Dissident Intellectual Burhan Ghalioun

  • 3342
  • 08-03

Egyptian websites have claimed that Syrian dissident thinker Burhan Ghalioun stated Islamists reject the civil state aiming t...

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Father from Afrin danced at his daughter’s funeral? No, it is a doctored video

  • 5268
  • 08-10

Facebook pages circulated a video that shows a man dancing at a funeral ceremony. They have claimed that “a father from...

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Videos Unrelated to Recent Khan Shaykhun Battles

  • 3453
  • 08-20

A video, which has been claimed to show regime forces entering the city of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib’s countryside, circul...

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This Photo Isn’t of Targeting Turkish Convoy in Syria’s Idlib, It Dates Back to Afghanistan 2010

  • 2808
  • 08-22

Social media pages have circulated a photo of burning trucks claiming that it shows a Turkish military convoy being targ...

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Fake Statement Attributed to U.S. about Syria's Manbij Administration

  • 2919
  • 08-25

Social media pages circulated a statement claiming that it was “issued by the U.S. operations leadership, after the US-...

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Former British Diplomat Peter Ford Distorts OPCW Report on the 2018 Syria Douma Chemical Attack

  • 6899
  • 08-28

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford has claimed that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW...

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Victim in This Video Isn't Civilian Refused to Flee his Home in Syria's Khan Shaykhoun

  • 3026
  • 09-05

A video of armed men battering a civilian has circulated on social media. It has been claimed that it shows "the Assad forces...

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Were Two Officers of Assad Forces Recently Killed in Khan Shaykhoun ?

  • 2529
  • 09-18

Social media profiles and pages circulated news on killing ten members of the Assad regime forces including two officers as a...

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This Video Was Taken In Restaurant in Syria, Not in Shiite Mosque in Lebanon

  • 2690
  • 09-20

Social media pages have shared a video of people dancing to a song, which lyrics contains phrases of a religious Shiite song,...

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Is Trump of Syrian Ancestry?

  • 2387
  • 09-28

Social media profiles and pages have reposted a TV report, by “Sawt al-Arab”, which suggested that U.S. president...

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