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False news on traffic collision killing 28 Syrians in Turkey

  • 17594
  • 06-28

News on two-traffic collision killing and injuring Syrians in Turkey have been circulated on various social media accounts, claiming that they occurred in the southern province of Mersin a...

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This video was taken in the Turkish city of Bursa, not in Afrin

  • 15922
  • 05-13

A video was circulated on social media, which shows Turkish-speaking individuals while they were extracting antiquities from a hole in a farmland. It was claimed that the extraction took...

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What is the reality behind "targeting a military vehicle in Marea"?

  • 16901
  • 04-26

Social media pages and accounts reported that members of Assad forces targeted an Euphrates Shield military vehicle on Wednesday, in reference to Turkish-backed FSA factions, near Mare&r...

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What is the truth behind the wall that is being built by Turkey to isolate Afrin?

  • 25931
  • 04-20

Pro-Assad regime and pro-PYD media outlets reported that the Turkish army is building a cement wall around Afrin city aiming to isolate it, and that the army has demolished a number of civ...

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Did the mayor of Turkish city Bolu cut the UN aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey?

  • 22671
  • 04-09

Social media new pages and personal accounts shared news saying the new mayor of Turkish city of Bolu Tanco Ozcan ordered the social service directorate to cut the aid for foreigners in th...

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This is the building that raised Syrian revolution flag in Istanbul

  • 28422
  • 04-08

Social media news pages and personal account shared a photo lately of a big building with several flags including the Syrian revolution flag with the three red stars.The pages and accounts...

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Contradicted statements between Turkey and USA after the meeting of the two foreign ministries

  • 13497
  • 04-04

US State Department published a statement saying: Secretary Mike Pompeo met the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu during the NATO ministers’ summit, and Secretary...

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Are the victims in this assault Arabs?

  • 23399
  • 03-31

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately a video showing a woman trying to remove the headscarf of 2 women in the street. The pages and accounts said this video shows h...

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