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The student who said “Ataturk is not a God” is Turkish not Syrian

  • 17464
  • 11-13

Al-Dorar al-Shamyie news website shared today news titled “Syrian student facing p...

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Syrian guy who defended Ghina Abu Saleh didn’t die

  • 16179
  • 11-09

Social media news pages and personal accounts said the young Syrian Ahmad Ghazi who was...

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Istanbul Police denied finding Khashooggi’s body and the photos of his body are taken from a movie

  • 17830
  • 10-24

Arab and foreign news websites and TV channels shared news saying the body of the slain...

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News claiming Jamal Khashoggi’s brother and his wife were killed in Saudi Arabia is fake

  • 37118
  • 10-11

Lebanese Addyiar website shared news titled “Khashoggi’s brother and his wif...

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Pro-Regime Websites fabricate a fight in Nizip city in Turkey

  • 15519
  • 10-09

Pro-regime websites shared news lately titled “Syrians in Turkey; where to go?&rdq...

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Turkey didn’t officially claim owning villages in north Syria

  • 21564
  • 09-14

Syrian social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately news saying “Tu...

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Turkish BIM supermarkets denies being fined for raising prices

  • 26204
  • 09-10

Syrian social media pages shared lately news saying Turkish government fined BIM superma...

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Clarification about “Souria” vessel which crossed Bosphorus lately

  • 18210
  • 08-04

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news saying a Syrian vessel crossed Bosphorus for t...

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No Syrian was related to the attack on a pharmacy in Turkish city of Mersin

  • 14800
  • 07-02

Turkish news channel NTV published a video report titled “a group of Syrian men at...

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