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Clarification about “Souria” vessel which crossed Bosphorus lately

  • 24653
  • 08-04

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news saying a Syrian vessel crossed Bosphorus for t...

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No Syrian was related to the attack on a pharmacy in Turkish city of Mersin

  • 19213
  • 07-02

Turkish news channel NTV published a video report titled “a group of Syrian men at...

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This drug dealer was captured in Sweden not in Turkey

  • 26056
  • 06-23

Social media news pages and chat groups shared an audio and photos of arresting a foreig...

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Children who are torturing the dog in a video are not Syrians

  • 29916
  • 06-17

Lately, a video has been circulating social media showing children torturing a dog with...

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Kurdish journalist uses fake photographs to embarrass Yildirim at a press conference

  • 21308
  • 02-16

A video recording broadcasted by several Arab and foreign television channels showed a p...

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this video is not of YPG attacking Turkish army base in Reyhanli

  • 20228
  • 01-21

Pro-PYD social media pages and personal accounts shared a video showing intense shooting...

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Turkey does not impose fines and jail on Syrians traveling without "travel permit"

  • 33915
  • 12-21

Groups and personal accounts on social media sites circulated today, a picture of a Turk...

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Turkish authorities no longer activate the "reunion"

  • 23323
  • 12-19

Today's news pages and news websites have reported that the governor of the Turkish...

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This Protest in Turkey not for Support to Palestine

  • 27222
  • 12-11

Social media pages and accounts shared photo yesterday for a huge gathering in Dyarbakir...

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