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Germany Hasn't Expelled Assad’s Mouthpiece Kevork Almassian

  • 18083
  • 05-10

The claims that Kevork Almassian, a Syrian refugee granted asylum in Germany and an Assa...

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Has Germany Recognized the Flag of the Revolution as Syria’s Flag?

  • 17896
  • 04-11

Photos of the Syrian Revolution flag raised in the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany has been c...

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Did German Protesters Recently Call For Bringing Refugees from Syria’s Idlib?

  • 11795
  • 02-13

A video of a man filming himself among German-speaking protesters has been circulated on...

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Is the Syrian refugee who was deported from Germany connected to Assad regime?

  • 25450
  • 03-30

German news websites shared news yesterday saying German authorities deported a Syrian r...

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