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Iraqi Parliament Member denied marrying Syrian Singer Sarya al-Sawwas

Dirar Khattab   Sunday 11th November 2018

Dirar Khattab   Sunday 11th November 2018

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news lately saying Syrian singer Sarya al-Sawwas married an Iraqi parliament member.

The pages and accounts said al-Sawwas married Iraqi parliament member Talal al-Zoubai with more than 1m $ dowry.

Verify-Sy searched for the source of this claim and found that the Iraqi parliament member denied news claiming he married the Syrian singer to “Erem News” website.

Al-Zoubai told “Erem News” in a phone call that claims he married Syrian singer Sarya al-Sawwas are fake and he never met her and don’t know her and only heard her name when the website called him.

Al-Zoubai added “these rumors shared by specific political groups aiming to incite me as a political and popular figure because I was the head of the parliament integrity committee and I exposed a lot of corruption cases which was done by political groups who are now launching a smearing campaign against me through its troll armies on social media and media outlets.”


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