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Fake FB Page behind Death Rumour of Former Member of Assad’s “Parliament”

  Thursday 09th April 2020

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Social media news pages and users have circulated claims that Sharief Shehadeh, Syrian journalist and former member of Assad’s so-called parliament, had died due to Covid-19, citing a Facebook page named after a former member of Assad’s “parliament,” Ahmad Shlash, which had said Shehadeh died due to illness without providing any further information.

Facebook page of “Sheikh Ahmad Shlash” is Parody

Verify-Sy checked the Facebook page that first said Shareef Shehadeh had died, named “Sheikh Ahmad Shlash,” and found that it is a parody. Furthermore, we found several satirical Facebook pages named after Shlash that comments on the Syrian situation.

Shareef Shehadeh is Alive

Verify-Sy Platform also found that Syrian dissident Maysoun Byrkdar had made a phone call with pro-Assad Syrian journalist Shehadeh on the evening of April 9, 2020.

Byrkdar posted a recording of her conversation with Shehadeh, in which she mocks Shehadeh and denies his death, on her Facebook profile.

٣Shareef Shehadeh, born in 1963, has been propagandizing for the Assad state and covering up the war crimes it's committed. He became famous after appearing on TV channels expressing his full-support for the Assad state and parroting its lies since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution in 2011.