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This photo is not for Walid Bin Talal

Ahmad Primo   Friday 10th November 2017

Ahmad Primo   Friday 10th November 2017

Syrian and Arab social media news pages shared a photo of a man they said he's the Saudi prince Walid Bin Talal sitting on a mattress with 3 men behind him wearing Arab peninsula costume.

The pages says that Walid bin Talal shared this photo from his detention and next to him the minister of National Guard in Ritz Carlton denying his death rumor.

Verify-Sy searched for the photo and it's not real and not for Walid bin Talal, it was taken in a comedy show by Lebanese director Sharbel Khalil imitating Saudi businessman Walid bin Talal in his detention.

Khalil shared the photo on his official Twitter account saying "#walid_bin_talal latest photo in Ritz Carlton soon on #aljadeed".

Khalil present a satire comedy show on al-Jadeed TV called "Doma Qratyie" with Khalil imitating different political figures in the area.


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