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Was this Woman Executed for Criticizing Saudi Authorities?

  • 9895
  • 05-07

Footage that shows an unidentified woman being killed in public has been circulated on s...

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Did the ‘halal’ nightclub in KSA explode?

  • 55469
  • 06-27

Social media accounts circulated a video claiming that it is of a blast hitting the hala...

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No official statement from Saudi government on reopening its embassy in Damascus

  • 15418
  • 01-14

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news saying Saudi Arabia intends to...

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Saudi newspaper Sabaq didn’t publish news about dismissing the Saudi Consul in Istanbul

  • 18073
  • 10-17

Arabic and global news agencies and websites shared news today and cited Saudi newspaper...

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These doctors are Syrians not Saudis

  • 16965
  • 08-15

Social media accounts shared a video of doctors trying to save a newborn infant who is i...

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This photo is not of the Saudi goalkeeper

  • 32327
  • 06-15

Syrian and Arab social media accounts shared a photo during a football game of a fat goa...

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The Fatwa Saying Hijab is only for the Prophet’s PBUH wives by the Saudi preacher Qasem al-Ghamedi is not new

  • 19830
  • 04-10

A Syrian news website shared a report saying “new changes in Saudi policy:the Hija...

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This video is not from Saudi stadiums

  • 10230
  • 11-14

Social media Arab pages shared a video of a TV reporter surrounded by male football fans...

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This photo is not for Walid Bin Talal

  • 20659
  • 11-10

Syrian and Arab social media news pages shared a photo of a man they said he's the S...

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