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The Eight-year-old Murdered Child in Mosul was Iraqi, not Syrian

  • 10404
  • 05-03

News that a Syrian child was brutally murdered at a refugee camp in Iraq has been circul...

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Did Saddam Hussein Talk about Coronavirus?

  • 18631
  • 03-18

Footage in which Saddam Hussein appears with Iraqi military officers have been circulate...

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Iran’s Fars News Agency and RT Fabricate Video of Targeting U.S. Base in Iraq

  • 9797
  • 01-08

The Iranian Fars News Agency has published a video, claiming that it shows Iran’s...

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None of These Videos Show Assassination of Iran’s Sulaimani

  • 12020
  • 01-05

Since the assassination of Major General Qasem Sulaimani, ex-head of Iran’s elite...

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Did Popular Mobilization Forces Shot Down US Drone in Iraq?

  • 10994
  • 08-25

Pro-Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces pages and social media accounts have circulated a...

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This Child Originated in Sinjar in Idlib, He Was Not a Yazidi From Iraq

  • 14728
  • 06-13

Social media accounts circulated a photo of a child wearing a military uniform and holdi...

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These oil tanks don’t transfer petrol to Syria

  • 14555
  • 04-15

News websites and social media news pages shared a video showing dozens of oil tanks on...

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Iraqi Ministry of Interior denies claims that an Iraqi guy killed 18 people in Baghdad

  • 16033
  • 04-13

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared today news saying an Iraqi guy kill...

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Did Iraq criminalized praising Saddam Hussain?

  • 15601
  • 02-02

  Social media accounts and news websites shared news saying Iraq issued a law c...

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