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Pro-regime media fake photos to promote its propaganda

Pro-regime media fake photos to promote its propaganda

Ahmad Primo Ahmad Primo   Wednesday 11th October 2017

Ahmad Primo Ahmad Primo   Wednesday 11th October 2017

Under the hashtag #AgianstDestruction pro-regime social media pages shared several fake photos to promote its propaganda against opposition and here are the photos:

1-twitter accounts shared photo of a man standing on rubbles with his hand on his forehead with description: destroying civilians’ houses by so called moderate opposition”.

Verify-Sy searched for the source of the photo and turns out the destruction is due to Assad regime warplanes airstrikes on Aleppo city
, the photo was taken by AFP photojournalist Pablo Tosco on 23 February 2013, the description of the photo according to agency is for a Syrian man standing on his demolished house while others looking for survivals and bodies on Tareeq al-Bab neighborhood in Aleppo city(under rebels control at that time).

2-Pro-regime media shared a photo of a kid driving his bicycle in a demolished neighborhood and published shared a comment saying “So-called moderate opposition demolished my house”.

Verify-Sy searched for the photo and turns out it is aftermath clashes between YPG and ISIS in Kobane (Ayn al-Arab) in north east Aleppo taken by photojournalist Ahmet Sik for AFP agency and description say “a kid riding his bicycle in a street in Kobane”.

3-pro-regime pages shared a photo of a couple in a demolished room and publishers said “so-called moderate opposition demolish houses”

Verify-Sy would like to remind audience that this photo was taken in Homs old neighborhoods which was under rebels control and bombed by Assad forces which caused huge destruction in civilians’ houses.

The photo was taken by journalist Joseph Eid for AFP on 5 February 2016 and the agency said it is for Syrian couple called Nada Merie(18 years old) and Hasan Youssef(27 years old) who did photo-shot of their wedding in a building destroyed in Homs city.

Worth to mention that anti-Assad activists started several days ago to prepare for peaceful campaign called “Syrian anger day” and choose the date of 14/10 and got the license from several Arab and foreign countries and invited people to participate in it.



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