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A Syrian site tampering with the date of publishing article linking the Beirut blast to " Syrian militants"

  • 19277
  • 08-12

If your time is short  News pages and personal accounts on social media recently c...

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Fake News: “Lebanon’s GSD: 7 Syrians Found Killed, Mutilated in Beirut”

  • 15427
  • 07-10

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Media agencies and social media pages claimed Lebanon’s Gen...

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This Drummer Isn’t Lebanese Minister, Man Beside Her Isn’t Lebanon’s Ambassador to U.S 

  • 18488
  • 01-25

Footage of a woman playing the drum and dancing with a man to a Lebanese song has been c...

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This Man Isn't the Victim Killed by Husband of Lebanese Singer Nancy Ajram

  • 48958
  • 01-08

Two photos, the first of Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram with another man, and the other o...

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Clarification regarding photos of the victims of the snow storm in Lebanon

  • 19000
  • 01-12

Activists on social media websites recently shared images related to the "Norma" blizzar...

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Pregnant Syrian woman delivering her baby in front of a hospital in Lebanon happened in 2017 not recently

  • 29318
  • 10-10

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared photos showing a pregnant woman lyi...

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The person who was assaulted in this video is not the Lebanese Interior Minister

  • 24911
  • 09-25

Pro-regime social media news pages and websites shared a video showing verbal and physic...

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Selling “Syrian Girl” Crime Happened in 2014

  • 21935
  • 11-30

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news today saying “a Syrian g...

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The kid who was assaulted by his teacher and died is not Syrian

  • 15380
  • 11-11

Social media Syrian pages and personal accounts shared yesterday a video show a dead bod...

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