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The person who was arrested today in al-Atareb didn’t wear suicide belt

  • 14519
  • 08-18

Pro-opposition websites and social media pages posted reports today saying the Free Poli...

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Nawaf al-Basheer didn’t threat “Usud al-Sharqyie” via Facebook

  • 14372
  • 08-18

Pro-opposition news website shared news of alleged threat by al-Baqara clans leader Nawa...

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This storm hit a camp in Iraq not in Syria

  • 11780
  • 08-16

Social media pages and personal accounts shared yesterday a video showing the destructio...

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Those photos from the Black Prison not Saydnaya prison

  • 20452
  • 08-15

Activists on Twitter shared photos of men laying in a crowded small place similar to a p...

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Clarification on Mihrac Ural photo with Abdullah Ocalan

  • 39694
  • 08-11

Lately a photo of Assad regime-affiliated “Syrian Resistance” militia leader...

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Hijab didn’t resign from High Negotiations Committee

  • 10938
  • 08-10

Syrian social media pages and websites shared news saying Riad Hijab resigned from his p...

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This protest in Azaz not in Efrin

  • 10225
  • 08-05

Social media pages shared photos showing hundreds of people in a protest raising banners...

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“Find a wife for your husband” campaign wasn’t launched from Kafrnabul

  • 11207
  • 08-04

Syrian pages and news networks on social media websites published news saying a female g...

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This video is not from Ayn al-Arab "Kobane"

  • 12769
  • 07-28

Pro-PKK and its Syrian wing PYD shared video showing destroying tanks and said it's...

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