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Assad forces didn't enter Manbij city yet

  Friday 28th December 2018

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Assad regime ministry of defence issued a statement saying units of the army entered Manbij city in Aleppo Eastern countryside and raised the Syria Arab Republic flag. 

The statement of the regime came after a statement issued by People's Protection Units YPG saying they withdrew from Manbij area and headed to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups in East Euphrate and other areas. 

Following the statements, several commanders of Turkish-backed National Army denied that Assad forces entered Manbij City and said the National Army is ready to enter the city in any minute. 

According to Orient Net website the official spokesperson of the National Army he denied that Assad sectarian militias entered the city and said what the Assad regime statement said is a lie. 

Verify-Sy contacted local field sources in Manbij City and the sources said the situation in the city is normal and that YPG base didn't witness any withdrawal and no Assad flag was seen in the city. 

Worth to mention that many statements of Turkish-backed National Army and Turkish officials about entering Manbij City and East Euphrate areas and kick out YPG from these areas.