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Russia Today published misleading translation of Erdogan statement

Ahmad Primo   Thursday 14th February 2019

Ahmad Primo   Thursday 14th February 2019

Russia Today published news saying that Turkish president Erdogan said during a meeting with Russian president Putin before Sochi summit that “Manbij and East Euphrates must be cleansed of terrorists and given back to legit Syrian authorities”.

Verify-Sy searched for the exact translation of Erdogan’s statement and it turns out Russia Today shared misleading translation of the statement.

Turkish president Erdogan didn’t say at all that Manbij and East Euphrates should be given back to the “Syrian state authority” but the exact translation is “the unity of the Syrian territory can’t be secured without cleansing Manbij and East Euphrates of YPG\PYD and give the areas back to the locals.


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