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Did Syrians Organize Protest against Recent Decisions by Istanbul Governor’s Office?

  • 18087
  • 07-29

Turkish news sites claimed that dozens of Syrians joined a protest organized by the Syrian Associations Platform in Istanbul on Saturday against recent decisions by Istanbul Governor&rsquo...

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Turkey has not asked Syrian opposition coalition to inform it about pro-Assad Syrians in order to d...

  • 19700
  • 07-05

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SNC) denied rumors on Turkey's Foreign Ministry asking SNC to inform it about pro-Assad Syrians in order to deport th...

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False news on traffic collision killing 28 Syrians in Turkey

  • 21399
  • 06-28

News on two-traffic collision killing and injuring Syrians in Turkey have been circulated on various social media accounts, claiming that they occurred in the southern province of Mersin a...

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Opposition-combatants who went missing in action in Hama countryside didn’t come back from the dead

  • 20013
  • 06-21

Combatants who went missing during recent clashes with Assad forces in Hama countryside has been found, social media accounts claimed. “10 martyrs from Saraqeb came back from the dea...

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This photo was taken in Kirkuk in Iraq, not in Syria

  • 21260
  • 06-20

Social media pages and personal accounts posted a photo of sheep that died of poisoning and were surrounded by several people, claiming that it was taken in al-Hasaka countryside. &ldqu...

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Photos of civilian victims were claimed to be of opposition combatants

  • 23082
  • 06-18

Pro-Assad regime Facebook pages posted photos claiming that they are of opposition combatants who were killed by regime forces. These pages posted three photos of plain-clothes you...

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This Child Originated in Sinjar in Idlib, He Was Not a Yazidi From Iraq

  • 21024
  • 06-13

Social media accounts circulated a photo of a child wearing a military uniform and holding a machine gun, claiming that he was a Yazidi child who was killed in clashes against Assad forces...

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Turkish websites attributes this video to Syrians

  • 22519
  • 06-11

Turkish media outlets posted a video claiming it shows a Syrian wedding in Gaziantep province in southern Turkey. One woman was dancing to folk music after she had climbed a transmissio...

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Assad State Media Distort an Israeli Channel 12 Report to Discredit the White Helmets

  • 21145
  • 06-06

Pro-Assad media outlets reported on an investigative news story broadcasted by Israeli Channel 12 that is entitled “The True Story: The Relationship with Syria.” They claimed t...

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This video was taken in the Turkish city of Bursa, not in Afrin

  • 18996
  • 05-13

A video was circulated on social media, which shows Turkish-speaking individuals while they were extracting antiquities from a hole in a farmland. It was claimed that the extraction took...

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What is the reality behind "targeting a military vehicle in Marea"?

  • 20502
  • 04-26

Social media pages and accounts reported that members of Assad forces targeted an Euphrates Shield military vehicle on Wednesday, in reference to Turkish-backed FSA factions, near Mare&r...

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These oil tanks don’t transfer petrol to Syria

  • 17581
  • 04-15

News websites and social media news pages shared a video showing dozens of oil tanks on a highway.The websites trending the footage said that, the video shows the oil tanks going from Iraq...

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Did the mayor of Turkish city Bolu cut the UN aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey?

  • 26784
  • 04-09

Social media new pages and personal accounts shared news saying the new mayor of Turkish city of Bolu Tanco Ozcan ordered the social service directorate to cut the aid for foreigners in th...

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This is the building that raised Syrian revolution flag in Istanbul

  • 36822
  • 04-08

Social media news pages and personal account shared a photo lately of a big building with several flags including the Syrian revolution flag with the three red stars.The pages and accounts...

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Sputnik claims ISIS presence in al-Ghab Plain

  • 15883
  • 03-10

Russian news agency Sputnik published 2 days ago news saying “Syrian army destroyed an ISIS group tried to attack its position in al-Ghab Plain”. The agency said “The Sy...

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