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This Photo Isn’t of Family Evicted from its Home in Damascus

Ahmad Primo   Friday 10th April 2020

Ahmad Primo   Friday 10th April 2020

News pages and profiles on social media have recently circulated a photo of six people, including four children, laying on the floor and seemed asleep.

Many social media pages have posted the photo, including “Shufi al-Youm,” claiming that the photo shows “a Syrian family sleeping on the streets in Damascus after they were kicked out of their home in Damascus due to not being able to pay rent.” @mazzah86MNN on Facebook has also posted the photo with the above-mentioned text. In addition, several tweeters have posted the photo with the same claims such as @amel__2000.

What do we know about the photo?

By conducting a Tineye reverse image search, Verify-Sy found that the photo is old and wasn’t taken in Syria. The oldest search result leads to an image posted on Adobe Stock. “A migrant family sleeps in a park near the main bus and train station in Belgrade,” the photo’s description reads.

The photo was taken by Marko Djurica and dates back to August 26, 2015.

Of note, no information on the nationality of the family members is provided on the website.


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