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This photo of flooded poultry farm is from Iran not Tartous in Syria

  • 14411
  • 03-29

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a flooded poultry farm with hundreds of dead chickens, the pa...

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This is the building that raised Syrian revolution flag in Istanbul

  • 24877
  • 04-08

Social media news pages and personal account shared a photo lately of a big building with several flags including the Syrian...

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Turkey has not asked Syrian opposition coalition to inform it about pro-Assad Syrians in order to d...

  • 12570
  • 07-05

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SNC) denied rumors on Turkey's Foreign Ministry asking...

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Did Syrians Organize Protest against Recent Decisions by Istanbul Governor’s Office?

  • 10672
  • 07-29

Turkish news sites claimed that dozens of Syrians joined a protest organized by the Syrian Associations Platform in Istanbul...

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Umit Ozdag Isn't Leader of Turkish Iyi Party

  • 9433
  • 09-12

Several news websites identified Turkish opposition politician Umit Ozdag as "the new president of the Turkish Good Party (Iy...

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Third Report about Disinformation Highlights that Coincided With Turkish Military Operation Northea...

  • 11403
  • 10-13

A number of fake news reports and misleading photos Friday about the Turkish military operation east of the Euphrates northea...

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This Video Is Unrelated to Recent Battles East of Euphrates

  • 7838
  • 10-13

Social media pages close to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) have circulated a video of children who were crying inside destr...

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Iran’s Fars News Agency and RT Fabricate Video of Targeting U.S. Base in Iraq

  • 7856
  • 01-08

The Iranian Fars News Agency has published a video, claiming that it shows Iran’s attack on U.S. military bases in Iraq...

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Car Bomb Didn't Kill either Seven People or Eight in Syria’s Azaz

  • 5943
  • 01-31

Several news agencies have reported on the car bomb that rocked the Syrian town of Azaz in northern Aleppo last Sunday, Jan....

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Syrian Opposition Factions Didn’t Arrest Pro-Assad Reporter Hussein Murtada

  • 8974
  • 02-06

Social media users and news pages have claimed Thursday that contact with Hussein Murtada, reporter for Assad’s state-r...

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Fabrications about the Confrontation between U.S. Troops and Residents of a Village in Northern Syr...

  • 6725
  • 02-17

On Wednesday Feb. 12, 2020, news on the confrontation between a U.S.-led coalition patrol on the one side and pro-Assad armed...

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RT, Al-Hadath Spread Misinformation on M4 Road in Idlib

  • 11121
  • 02-23

Al-Hadath, a news service provided by Saudi Al-Arabiya, broadcast on Tuesday, Feb. 18, drone footage of an empty highway in S...

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AlArabiya Misleads its Audience with False Information on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport

  • 7659
  • 04-20

Saudi TV news channel Al-Arabiya has posted video footage that shows construction work in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport&rs...

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Did North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong-un Die?

  • 6583
  • 04-27

News suggesting North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un died has made headlines over the past week following a CNN report that...

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RT Fabricates News Story about Anti-Assad Syrian Artist

  • 6596
  • 06-06

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT RT fabricated a news story about Syrian artist Aziz al-Asmar. It claimed al-Asmar said he doesn’...

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SOHR Fabricates News that Global Coalition Established Court for ISIS Detainees

  • 5295
  • 07-04

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed in May 2020 that the Global Coalition against Daesh in...

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Four Miscaptioned Videos Falsely Attributed to Attack on GNA-Controlled Air Force Base in Libya

  • 4581
  • 07-08

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Four videos were falsely claimed to be showing the bombing of the GNA-controlled al-Watiya air force b...

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