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Wrong translation of what this French protestor said

  Sunday 09th December 2018

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  • 12-09

Social media pages and news websites shared news titled "French policewoman cries and say kill me but don't destroy Paris like Arabs did to their countries".

The websites and pages shared a video of an alleged policewoman wearing a yellow vest crying and took off the yellow vest while surrounded by protesters and police.

Verify-Sy reviewed the video and didn't find any reference to Arabs in what the woman said.

The correct translation is: look what you are doing to us, you should be ashamed of yourself because what are you doing is a shame, there are non-armed injured protestors, why are you doing this? Join us, cry with us and die with us but why are you hurting people like this? Some innocent people died, you have to be ashamed of yourself because you also have families and children, we are unarmed and we don't hate you, be with us for our homeland France because we are brothers, kill me but don't destroy Paris.