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American Journalist doubts Trump statement on Idlib population but is she right?

American Journalist doubts Trump statement on Idlib population but is she right?

Dirar Khattab   Monday 18th February 2019

Dirar Khattab   Monday 18th February 2019

The official website of the White House shared Trump remarks on the national security and what he called the humanitarian crisis on the southern borders.

In his statement, Trump said that he saved 3 million people living in opposition-held Idlib from death after he warned Russia, Iran and the Syrian government of attacking it.

On the same day, an American journalist called Joy Reid tweeted photo of Google result on number of population on Idlib which says it is 1.5 Million and said “For what it’s worth, there are not 3 million people in Idlib Province, Syria. And reporters are likely as we speak contacting former President Obama and checking to see if the Japanese PM really nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Following a research conducted by Verify-Sy, it turns out that Idlib population is around 3 million people just what Trump said, according to a report by the UN in late January it says that the number of Idlib province in addition to Aleppo countryside is around 3 million people.

The report said “The weather has been difficult for people in Idlib, where the risk of military escalation continues to loom. Over the second half of last year I frequently highlighted our growing concerns about the plight of three million people in Idlib and neighboring areas in northwest Syria”

On its turn, Humanitarian Response Team said it its report, published in late 2018, that currently around 3.8 million people live in Idlib and its countryside, adding that rebels-held Hama and Aleppo countryside contain around 900k people.

Humanitarian Response Team is a no-profit and non-governmental civil organization who works in statics and enhance the coordination tools between humanitarian organizations and civil society organization in addition to build the management and practical abilities of the humanitarian organizations, civil society organizations and local councils.


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