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This university trade-offs is not recognized by Syrian interim government

  Monday 28th August 2017

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Syrian news websites shared news saying Syrian Interim Government “High Education Council” issued the general trade-offs for universities for 2017-2018.

The websites added that the council clarified in the trade-offs issued on Thursday the conditions for studying in faculties and institutions of Idlib University and Aleppo University in opposition-held areas.

Verify-Sy would like to remind the audience that the High Education Council is not affiliated to the Syrian Interim Government and the government doesn't approve the council's trade-offs and the government will issue its own trade-offs soon according to source from the interim government

The council was formed in early August and the Academic Committee that formed the council said “the council is legit academic committee fully independent and not connected by any political or military side”.

According to Sham Network who met the Dr.Jomaa al-Omar the head of the High Education Council who said the council contain “Idlib University, Mari Private University, Oxford Private Faculty, Emergency Medicine Faculty, al-Hayat University, al-Enkath International University, al-Zahraa Waqef University, Roume Private University” but Aleppo University considered itself part of Interim Government but cooperate with the High Education Council.