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This girl is an athlete not a soldier injured in Syria

Ahmad Sarhil   Thursday 31st August 2017

Ahmad Sarhil   Thursday 31st August 2017

Pro-opposition social media accounts and pages shared news saying a Russian female soldier called “Mary Styshkov” was injured in IED attack in Syria, the pages said “Stoyshkov” is commander of Russian T-90 tank and shared a photo of a girl driving a tank.

Verify-Sy would like to remind audience that the girl in the photo is for Russian body lifter Maryana Naumova and she is not a soldier.

Maryana visited Syria in 2015 and met Asmaa al-Assad and Syrian regime Mufti Ahmad Hasson and took many photos with regime soldoers, Russian agency “Sputnik” said “that Maryana will work on shooting high definition documentary movies exposing what happening in Syria”

Worth to mention that Maryana is living now in Russia and shared a photo of her few hours ago on her Instagram account.



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