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The person of this photo is not a military commander

  Friday 15th September 2017

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  • 09-15

Pro-regime social media pages shared today a photo of one of opposition delegation attending Astana talks on Friday.

Photo publishers said the man of the photo is armed opposition group commander whose death was published by opposition by sniper in 2013.

Verify-Sy would like to remind audience that the person of the photo is the member of Syrian Coalition lawyer Yasser al-Farhan who’s participating in Astana talks as member of the legal committee of opposition delegation.

Worth to mention that the head of regime delegation to Astana Bashar al-Jaafri protested adding name of opposition delegation called Mohanad Jenaid and said he died 4 years ago.

Al-Jaafri meant in protest to the Kazakh officials on Captain Mohanad Jenaid who works as the head of foreign relations of Jaysh al-Naser in Hama and participated in the talks today with identical name and surname of the commander of Jaysh al-Muslemin Brigade “Mohanad Jenaid known as Abu Bashir who was killed in 2013 and pro-regime pages confirmed his death.