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This Is Old Video from Afrin, It Isn’t Of Releasing Prisoners from SDF’s Prisons East of Euphrates

Adnan al-Hussen   Saturday 12th October 2019

Adnan al-Hussen   Saturday 12th October 2019

Social media accounts and pages have recently circulated a video in which a number of civilians including children and women appear in a building that seem like warehouse. They have claimed that the Turkish army released civilians and Arab families from the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Twitter account called “Umawi News” (Umayyad News) has reported that the video shows how the National Army and the Turkish army releasing women and families from Arab tribes who were arrested by the SDF; the tweet has gone viral. In addition, the video gained thousands of views on Facebook.

Verify-Sy platform inspected the video and found that it dates back to 2018; it was taken in the village of Mrimrien of the Syrian city of Afirn.

Turkish newspaper Yeniakti said that the video was taken near the town of Jendries western Afrin, citing Turkish news agency Dogan.

Verify-Sy reporter confirmed that the video shows how factions of Turkish-backed National Army entered warehouses where civilians sheltered in the al-Hassan farm, which is located 3 km to the north of the village of Mrimrien, because of the battles that took place in the village during “Operation Olive Branch” that resulted in seizing control of the Afrin district by theturkish army and its allies.

Since the beginning of the latest Turkish military operation in northern Syria last Wednesday, Verify-Sy documented dozens of fake news reports, photos, and video that has circulated on social media.

Since Wednesday, the Turkish-backed National Army forces captured around 20 villages and one farm.


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