Ahmad Primo

The murder of jeweller is in Egypt not in Syria

  • 9251
  • 11-12

Syrian social media pages and accounts shared a CCTV footage saying it's a robbery i...

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The kid who was assaulted by his teacher and died is not Syrian

  • 9902
  • 11-11

Social media Syrian pages and personal accounts shared yesterday a video show a dead bod...

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This photo is not for Walid Bin Talal

  • 17949
  • 11-10

Syrian and Arab social media news pages shared a photo of a man they said he's the S...

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This video has nothing to do with ballistic missile attack in Saudi Arabia

  • 16485
  • 11-04

Syrian pro-regime and Arab pages shared a video of people wearing peninsula clothes and...

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Al-Dyiar fabricate statement by Hamad bin Jasem to BBC and BBC comment

  • 48488
  • 11-03

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news of controversial statement quoted by ex-Qatari...

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No modification on Saudi law to give foreigner Saudi citizenship

  • 11050
  • 11-01

Saudi news websites shared news saying a new Royal decree will give Saudi citizenship to...

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“Abu Ali Damar” is not a commander in Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham

  • 11144
  • 10-31

Social media Syrian news pages and networks shared news saying a military commander in H...

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This photo is for a fashion model not for a girl killed in Turkey

  • 11093
  • 10-31

Syrian social media news pages shared lately a photo of a Hijabi girl said she was kille...

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This video of how accurate temper wolf rifle is fake

  • 12601
  • 10-29

Social media pages shared a video of a soldier using a very modern sniper rifle, the vid...

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